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4 responses to Archive

  1. Hi Ryan,

    going back through these archives has been fascinating and (in)valuable (and I’m only just now through 2007).

    I figured that if I wanted to learn from you, the best place to start was the beginning, so here I am.

    Thank you for always sharing in such thoughtful, open and challenging ways – it means that your work from 7 years ago is still able to impact me and guide me now. To join you, retrospectively, in parts of your journey… to be guided to powerful books, philosophies, attitudes and insights as you learned them – rather than simply being overwhelmed by the work-in-progress of where (and who) you are now.

    I know you don’t seek praise, but this is to acknowledge you, your work and the impact it has had on me. I am truly grateful and keen to continue the journey. A definite advantage of the digital age, to learn and be influenced both across time and space from those we otherwise would never have had the chance.

    Thanks Ryan, I eagerly read on and wish you the best in all things.

    Deo volente

  2. hey ryan, whats your opinion on George RR Martin’s song of ice and fire series?

  3. I don’t know what it is, Ryan, but I keep coming back to your archive to read more. Some of the best books I’ve read came from your suggestion. Your to the point writing style is easy to read and draws me in. I look forward to many more years of awesome insights from you.

    I am commenting to thank you for recommending The Power Broker: Robert Moses and the Fall of New York, a massive book I could not put down. I kept thinking about how much I can really accomplish if I applied myself like a Robert Moses. Keep the ideas coming; you have one reader eagerly waiting.

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