Friday Link Dump 8.31.07

-NYT: Running an Empire? No Sweat

(Not sure how I feel about the guy. I think I like the idea that he has his job and then he has his life, he does not define himself through the former.)

Chris Napolitano on George Bush, the State of Porn, and Why Playboy is Still Hot

(Real PR is just being honest and knowing your space. If you can prove that you believe in what you do, chances are other people will to)

Meditations on Meaning: She Said Thank You

(About work and dedication and getting it done.)

Wikipedia: Malthusian Trap

Wikipedia: Demographic Transition

Wikipedia: Demographic-Economic Paradox

(Just got turned on to this stuff and am finding it really fascinating. Had to print them out to understand them though.)

SNL: Centaur Interview

(Quality stuff can go viral at anytime, it doesn’t expire)

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