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I decided to put together a selected list of my writing over the last ten years organized thematically by subject. There is a lot more in the archives on this site, on Thought Catalog and on the New York Observer but this should be enough to get you started. Enjoy!


The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read

How And Why To Keep A “Commonplace Book”

How To Read More — A Lot More

How I Did Research For 3 New York Times Bestselling Authors (In My Spare Time)

Read to Lead: How to Digest Books Above Your “Level”

Marginalia, the Anti-Library, and Other Ways to Master the Lost Art of Reading


Books To Base Your Life On (The Reading List)

24 Books You’ve Probably Never Heard Of But Will Change Your Life

25 Recommendations For Life Changing Biographies For The Voracious Reader In You

A Practical Philosophy Reading List

24 Books To Hone Your Strategic Mind

The 16 Best Books About Marketing, Period.

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Stoicism: Practical Philosophy You Can Actually Use

Stoicism Isn’t Pessimistic. It’s Boldly Optimistic

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Stoicism Is Exactly Why You Need It

What Is Stoicism? A Definition & 3 Stoic Exercises To Get You Started

100 Things I Learned in 10 Years and 100 Reads of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations

For more on Stoicism, I invite you to explore (and sign up for the free 7-day course) which is the companion site to my last book, The Daily Stoic: 366 Meditations on Wisdom, Perseverance, and the Art of Living.


33 Ways To Be An Insanely Productive, Happy Balanced Person

Here’s Your Productivity Hack: Go The F*ck To Sleep

The Guilty, Crazy Secret That Helps Me Write

28 Pieces of Productivity Advice I Stole From People Smarter Than Me

Here’s the Strategy Elite Athletes Follow to Perform at the Highest Level


The Narrative Fallacy (also see: The Narrative Fallacy Embodied)

Advice to a Young Man Hoping to Go Somewhere

The Dress Suit Bribe

The Maxim For Every Successful Person: ‘Always Stay A Student’

The Perfect Spouse Is the Best Life Hack No One Told You About

Don’t Follow Your Passion, It’s What’s Holding You Back


29 Lessons From The Greatest Strategic Minds Who Ever Lived, Fought, Or Led

Why You Need To Understand The American Civil War

3 Questions You Need To Answer Before You’ll Have The Life You Want

Why Do You Do What You Do? Because You Better Know.

Life as a Grand Strategy


Here’s Some Marketing Advice: Your Thing Sucks

How To Growth Hack a Book: MVP to Bestseller

From Zero to 50,000: How I Built A Big Email List Exclusively About Books I Liked

Behind The Book Campaign: How to Sell 30,000 Copies in Six Weeks

The 5 Top-Performing American Apparel Ads, and How They Get PR for Free (NSFW)

For more from me on the subject you can check out Growth Hacker Marketing: A Primer on the Future of PR, Marketing, and Advertising!


Peter Thiel’s Reminder to the Gawker Generation: Actions Have Consequences

The Cause of This Nightmare Election? Media Greed and Shameless Traffic Worship

This Is the Hollowed-Out World That Outrage Culture Has Created

The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings

Exposing the Racket: A Simple Stunt Reveals How Blogs Will Print Anything for Pageviews

9 Tactics of a Media Manipulator: How to Control and Influence Blogs

My longer writing on the topic of course is my first book, Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator


So You Want To Be A Writer? That’s Mistake #1

So You Want To Write A Book? “Want” Is Not Nearly Enough

6 Reasons Your Book Will Fail

The Most Important Part of The Creative Process That Everyone Misses: A Draw-Down Period

44 Writing Hacks From Some of the Greatest Writers Who Ever Lived

The 7 Strategies That Helped Me Write 3 Books in 3 Years


How Tim Ferriss Became the ‘Oprah of Audio’—Behind the Podcast With 70M-Plus Downloads

An Interview with the Master: Robert Greene on Stoicism

The Quiet Co-Founder of the Media Juggernaut No One Writes About

On Stoicism and Not Giving a F*ck: An Interview with Mark Manson

Exclusive Interview: How This Right-Wing ‘Troll’ Reaches 100M People a Month


How Dropping Out Of College Can Save Your Life

Should I Drop Out Of College?

So You’ve Just Dropped Out Of College (Or Made A Life-Changing Decision)


5 Life Lessons I’ve Learned From My Pet Goats

How To Buy A House Before You’re 30

Dear Dad, Please Don’t Vote For Donald Trump

A Burglar Stole My Engagement Ring — And It Made My Proposal

The Performance Bias: Life Is Not a Movie, Life Is Not a Novel

Things Heavy Metal Taught Me About Life

Please, Please, For The Love Of God: Do Not Start a Podcast

How To Be A Public Speaker — Or, The Art Of The Keynote Address