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Consequences of Employment Protection? The Case of Americans with Disabilities Act (Academic Paper)


How to Be Creative– Huge MacLeod

A Farewell to AlmsGregory Clark

It’s a really fascinating book about Malthusian traps and the Industrial Revolution. The basic assertions ishat life in from 5,000 BC to 1800 AD was almost completely unchanged. And that the gains from hunter-gatherer societies to preindustrial societies were abysmally small compared to the changes from preindustrial to industrial. But within the span of 1200-1800 AD, the rich were massively more successful reproductively and thus their values outpaced the poor’s values, and we were left with the Western man. Without the trickling down of the genes of the successful, industrialism never would have been possible. So that it wasn’t technology or institutions facilitated the paradigm shift but rather the culture created by specific natural selection in England.

I’ll post more when I’ve finished.

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