Another Idea: Treating People Like Winners

If I owned a restaurant that had those business card drawings for free lunch or whatever, I would just call everyone up that entered each month and tell them that they won. If some marketer had come by and told you that for $10 a head they could make your target consumer feel like they were #1 out of a few hundred people, wouldn’t you jump on it in a second? This is that, but real. Of course, the status-quo may better–where you pretend like you do a drawing each month and really just throw all the cards away. That’s the way to treat your consumer.

Written by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying, The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy, and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition. His work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared everywhere from the Columbia Journalism Review to Fast Company. His company, Brass Check, has advised companies such as Google, TASER, and Complex, as well as Grammy Award winning musicians and some of the biggest authors in the world. He lives in Austin, Texas.