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If you aren’t doing this already, you ought to be monitoring the bookmarks of the preeminent web leaders. For instance, Steve Rubel’s feed is a good place to catch web news the day before it breaks. Normally, he’s tagging articles that will likely make the rounds in the next few hours–plus you get a glimpse into the media he’s consuming. I make this suggestion reluctantly, however, after being take aback a bit after I discovered a few people doing that to my feed.

In the spirit of the pot calling the kettle black, I stole this from Tucker’s. He’ll probably write more about it later, but in the meantime, enjoy.

Written by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying, The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy, and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition. His work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared everywhere from the Columbia Journalism Review to Fast Company. His company, Brass Check, has advised companies such as Google, TASER, and Complex, as well as Grammy Award winning musicians and some of the biggest authors in the world. He lives in Austin, Texas.