Announcing My First Book: “Trust Me I’m Lying” and the Preorder Campaign

June 11, 2012


Well, the time is finally here. I can announce my first book: Trust Me, I’m Lying: Confessions of a Media Manipulator (website)

I’ve never spoken about what I do for a living on my site, but the book reveals all that. I am a media manipulator for billion dollar brands to #1 New York Times bestselling authors. For the first time, I expose all the secrets of my profession, analyze why it exists and ultimately, what it means for the world in which we live. It’s a book deeply rooted in history and research, along with my first-person experiences. I didn’t want this to be some toothless, condescending book of media criticism. I name names in it, and I show where the bodies are buried—because I put many of them there. Ultimately, it’s not just a book about marketing but about strategy, culture and media.

Its release will be incredibly controversial, as you can see from the early coverage. GalleyCat reported my advance was as high as $500,000. Gawker predicted it would “easily be both the best and the worst book of the year.” Edward Jay Epstein was kind enough to say it should be “required reading for every thinker in America.” Trust me, there will me more of this praise (and hatred) to come.

After more than 3 years of research and a year of writing and editing, I can safely say this is the best work I have done thus far in my life. I hope to share that with you—and any success that might come along with it.

You can buy the book anywhere, including through the following links:
Barnes and Noble

Ryan Holiday

I'm a strategist for bestselling authors and billion dollar brands like American Apparel, Tucker Max and Robert Greene. My work has been used as case studies by Twitter, YouTube and Google and has been written about in AdAge, the New York Times, Gawker and Fast Company.

36 responses to Announcing My First Book: “Trust Me I’m Lying” and the Preorder Campaign

  1. Just bought mine 9 copies. Talk soon!

  2. Thanks for giving us Tucker Max, you fucking douchebag.

  3. My order has been placed. Excited to read.

  4. Regarding the marketing reading list, does it include your own notes on those books/articles?

  5. It’s good Ryan that at least you got the opportunity to reveal your self. With the help of media you disclose all your secrets. There are many peoples who never gets the opportunity like you to be popular. Enhance they suppose to dead with their talent.

  6. Will there be a paperback version, and when will that be out?

  7. Congrats!

  8. How about an audiobook version?

  9. In your Forbes article from yesterday, you wrote about Amanda Hocking “[…] now you’re a wholly owned subsidiary” because she made a big deal with a publisher. But didn’t you do the same? Maybe I missed something, I’m just a bit confused.

    • I wasn’t making millions of dollars as an independent artist who had distribution to millions of fans when I made my deal. But on my trajectory I am moving towards more and more freedom, not less.

  10. Great, can we preorder the audiobook version and be eligible for the prizes?

  11. I judge this book by its cover…so it looks pretty amazing.

  12. Preordered. Really looking forward to it.

    For any other Australian’s looking at buying and frustrated by obscene shipping charges or ebook vendors refusing to sell to Australian credit cards – came out the least obnoxious for shipping when I looked and as always, ‘s comparison engine is your buddy.

  13. I was wondering for which other big brands you’ve have worked for besides American Apparel. You describe yourself as “a strategist for bestselling authors and billion dollar brands like American Apparel” – does that mean that AA is the biggest brand you’ve ever worked for?

    AA’s market cap was above $1B during 12/2006-03/2008 and then again in 08-09/2008. It’s currently at $90M.

  14. Why are you smoking a cigarette on the cover? Aren’t you a big runner, and more importantly, running-as-way-of-life advocate?

  15. Is this offer dead, or can we still buy 9 copies and get the bonuses?

  16. I would love to see this on the german iBook Store.

  17. 1 private/confidential copy of the Marketing Reading List (required books and articles) that I pour over with each hire I train.

    Hey Ryan. First time reader (via chase jarvis). You’re now a published author / likely NYT bestselling author, and should know it’s pore over — you’re not emptying that glass of beverage over those books ;^)

  18. I can’t wait to read your book and case studies and use them as references in my Web publishing unit!

  19. FYI. will allow a maximum of 2 copies to be pre-ordered. I’ve never seen anything like that and I’ve pre-ordered multiple copies of other books not yet released before. Barnes and Noble however, was happy to take my cash.

  20. Just purchased the e-book. I am loving it!

  21. It’s ironic (or telling) that Greene is on the cover, since the methods described in the book exemplify so much of Law 6: Court Attention At All Cost (media manipulators are modern-day P.T. Barnums). Great book – really enjoyed reading it.

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