What I’m Reading

Joan of Arc: Her Story by Régine Pernoud

Can We Do That?! Outrageous PR Stunts That Work–And Why Your Company Needs Them by Peter Shankman (good premise, the guy comes off as a bit of a tool)

The Beauty of the Beasts: Tales of Hollywood’s Wild Animal Stars by Ralph Helfer (continuing my disturbing obsession)

The Voyage Memoirs of Sir Francis Drake by Sir Francis Drake (not as cool as I hoped)

Grand Strategies in War and Peace by Paul Kennedy

The Rise and Fall of Athens: Nine Greek Lives by Plutarch (I liked Demosthenes a lot)

What Happened: Inside the Bush White House and Washington’s Culture of Deception by Scott McClellan (this book is a really good memoir of how culture and DNA ultimately dictate the choices of an organization. always have respect for someone who is able to disavow the past and say ‘i don’t want to be a part of this anymore’)

Also, I don’t care how much money these kids are making, all but like two of their sites suck. There’s nothing admirable about running scammy search arbitrage sites that we’d be skeeved out if an adult was doing and then bragging about how young you are.

Written by Ryan Holiday
Ryan Holiday is the bestselling author of Trust Me, I’m Lying, The Obstacle Is The Way, Ego Is The Enemy, and other books about marketing, culture, and the human condition. His work has been translated into thirty languages and has appeared everywhere from the Columbia Journalism Review to Fast Company. His company, Brass Check, has advised companies such as Google, TASER, and Complex, as well as Grammy Award winning musicians and some of the biggest authors in the world. He lives in Austin, Texas.