Called it?

I just got an email about this. Looks like I called it–literally, down to the site to do it on. Although the credit clearly goes to Cuban for the idea…

From my entry:

Let’s say you want to see your company featured on TechCrunch. Arrington sells space on his personal blog, buy yourself an ad. Prove your cleverness, prove your dedication. You’re just trying to get in the door, like a 1000 other people, so uniqueness–catching his attention–puts you in a rare position.

From Arrington’s newest post

I just saw this ad on TechCrunch, which says “TechCrunch Should Review…Intellicontact” and links here. They bought an adsense ad specifically for TechCrunch, and are probably paying a dollar or so per click. Funny and creative.

Here’s my post about it from last week.

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