What I’ve Been Reading

Weapons of Mass Persuasion: Marketing the War in IraqPaul Rutherford (decent but the author should be ashamed of himself. ignoring the wealth of data, he relied on a ‘community panel’ of people to discuss the marketing of the war. it would have been fine if they hadn’t been quoted like experts, all had the same education level, been asked leading questions or I don’t know, if they didn’t all LIVE IN CANADA.)

No LogoNaomi Klein (klein has some big logic and belief problems but this book is great)

Teenage Wasteland: Suburbia’s Dead End KidsDonna Gaines (held up well. cool Iron Maiden references)

Hackers and Painters: Big Ideas from the Computer AgePaul Graham (more coming on this)

Ben has an awesome piece about American Apparel. On the same level as this one about Zappos.

Fail Dogs is one the a Top Ten Pet Trend of the year.

I want to live in this apartment.

And like I’ve been saying, there is a market for what you do online.

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