The Professionals

I don’t know much about Robert Smith, but 83 listens into The Cure’s new song, my first impression has been confirmed exactly 82 consecutive times. There is an essential difference. Something separates him from everybody else. He’s a Pro.

Some other Pros:

Michael Lewis

Bruce Dickinson

Paul Graham

50 Cent

Marc Andreessen

Seth Godin

Malcolm Gladwell

Vincent Bugliosi

John Boyd

Malcolm X

Cesar Milan

Dr. Drew Pinsky

You can find Pro’s anywhere. My list has a lawyer, a dog trainer, a rapper and marketer. You could argue that most Pro’s die without us ever know their names – exactly as they wanted it. But it’s not a coincidence that many of them are artists. Creativity is the essence of the Pro. All aspects suffer when it’s stifled – personal, business and voice.

So, who are your Pro’s and where can we learn about them?

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