I know this sounds like I’m coming late to the party, but if you’re not using an RSS Reader you should start. It will completely revolutionize how you read on the internet. Google just bought Feedburner for $100 million, so I can only imagine the sort of improvements we’ll see in RSS in the near future. Now Google is freed up and incentivized to do a whole bunch of great stuff with Reader because they’re making money on the content end now. Blogger was fantastic (and free) because Google wasn’t dependent on it for revenue–they made it off the Adsense ads. Now, Google Reader could lose money everyday and they won’t care because they’re picking up cash off the ads they’re placing inside the feeds themselves instead of ever having to do it on the platform itself.

Anyways, there is nothing in the experience of this site that you lose by reading it through RSS. So if you want to make things easier, just click the button below to subscribe and you’ll get the updates as they happen. Again, I appreciate everyone who reads–especially those who take the time to comment–and hopefully this will make the burden of entry a little lower.


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