post it.

A few weeks ago Donika blogged about Moleskines–and I went out and picked one up. Now I take it wherever I go. It’s been amazing. I’ve been writing more, and with the exception of a few “Is that a diary?” remarks, it’s been nothing but helpful. My turn.You need to go out and buy these:

They’re bright, long lasting highlighters with removable sticky flags. I’ve been using them religiously when I read for the last 6 months. Now, down the sides of each book I have tabs that mark the important sections–like dictionaries do with the alphabet. It facilitates running back through the book’s core message again; something I suggest you always do a few weeks or months after finishing it. Normally, I reserve tabs on the side for important passages or quotes, and tabs on the top for words I need to look up or concepts to investigate on Wikipedia. And if you’re afraid to do this because it’ll ruin the book, then you’re an idiot and wasting your time.

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