New book quotes

Just posted new book quotes for And the Sea Will Tell and Till Death Do Us Part by Vincent Bugliosi, Man’s Search for Ultimate Meaning by Viktor Frankl, A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe and What Makes Sammy Run by Bud Schulberg.

Check them here.

My favorites:

“Usually, the very first thing I think about when I get on a case and begin to learn the facts is: what am I going argue and how can I best make the argument to obtain a favorable verdict. In other words, I work backwards from my summation. Virtually all of my questions at the trial and most of my tactics and techniques are aimed at enabling me to make arguments I’ve already determined I want to make.”

Bugliosi, Vincent

And the Sea Will Tell

“I had been waiting for justice to rise up and smite him in all its vengeance, secretly hoping to be around when Sammy got what was coming to him; only I had expected something conclusive and fatal and now I realized that what was coming to him was not a sudden pay-off but a process, a disease he had caught in the epidemic that swept over his birthplace like a plague; a cancer slowly eating him away, the symptoms developing and intensifying: success, loneliness, fear. “

Schulberg, Bud

What Makes Sammy Run

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