I just got a Macbook, something I swore I’d never do. It’s lighter, cheaper, faster, and easier to use than my PC–so why wouldn’t I? And honestly, if Apple stock wasn’t obscenely overvalued due to the iPhone, I’d load up on the stock too. The generation that is in college now is switching over to Macs–and not because they’re douchey hipsters, but because they’ve been presented with no viable alternative. i don’t think we’ll see them stay at 10% for much longer.

I was thinking about it, and with the exception of Word and Winamp there wasn’t a single application that I used that wasn’t either web-based or totally unimportant. I grabbed a Mac license for Word off a friend so I’m set. And even then, I use Google Docs now, so it wasn’t a huge deal if that hadn’t come together. Which is why I think you’ll see a lot less brand-loyalty when people start getting new computers. Even after 2 days, I’m hooked on all the features. I was also looking into Privacy filters for MacBooks so if I was ever out I knew my work would be safe, as no one would be able to see what I was doing.

Speaking of which, as a person who has never had a Mac before, what do I need to know? What are some programs I MUST get? Any good shortcuts? Underrated tips etc?

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