Links 3.28

Subject to Change: Tips for Good Email Subject Lines

(Getting your email read is the most important part. Learn how to catch the eye)

Seth Godin on how to virally market your book

(You have to give content away before it can spread via word of mouth)


(It’s a cool way to track the sales of books on Amazon. But their registration process sucks. I’m not sure why.)


(Check the stats of sites, Alexa rank, technorati ran, google page rank, del.icio.us, rss, etc. Great tool. Hat tip to TechCrunch for the last two.

Wikipedia: Ultimatum Game

(The ultimatum game is an experimental economics game in which two parties interact anonymously and only once, so reciprocation is not an issue. The first player proposes how to divide a sum of money with the second party. If the second player rejects this division, neither gets anything. If the second accepts, the first gets his demand and the second gets the rest. Proof that humans don’t always act rational, and that game theory can’t always be used to explain projected action)

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