Links 2/25

Seven steps to remarkable customer service

(Seriously. This dude is 100% right.)

George Orwell: 12 Writing Tips

(Keep it simple. Use short words over long words. Is my image trite or cliche? Good advice.)

Explanations for 11 Important Philosophical quotations.

(I happen to disagree with a few, but this is still an interesting article. The classics are easy targets for manipulation, so beware.)

Who will win the next high-tech jackpot?

(The web is ripe for the next “big player” to step up. Who do you think it’s going to be?)


(I think I might do this. You type in all your books and it creates a virtual recreation of your library. Has anyone done this?)

Rudius PR:

The OODA Loop and You: Strategy of Allowed Chaos

(Robert’s new entry is spectacular. John Boyd is huge, I posted about him last week. Read this, trust me it’s good. Digg it here.)

Tucker Max: Serious Art, Frat-guy Fun

(Solid article from the Daily Cal. Although it leans fairly heavily on the Tucker Max article I wrote a little over a year ago, which I’ll post later.)

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