Here’s an idea:

If I was an advertiser I would look for ways to surprise people in a good way. What if you ordered something from Amazon and when it arrived you were informed that the shipping had been refunded courtesy of Comcast. And while they were at it, they decided to let you know that you could sign up for HBO at 30% off?

Or, even better: You ordered Tucker‘s book on and he’d worked it out with Amazon to personally cover the shipping cost. “And in case you hadn’t heard, the book is being made into a movie and it hits theaters in Fall 2008. Here is a list of show times for your zip code.”

Seems to me like it’s better to get to the right people in the right way than ten times as many people in the easy, obnoxious way. But what do I know, a 2 million dollar SuperBowl commercial or advertising on the little conveyor belt dividers at the grocery store are great deals.

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