Google Refines Search.


Maybe it’s just me and I missed this, but I think it’s relatively new. I found it by accident today. I haven’t heard any announcements from Google about it, but it seems like a great idea. Not only does it help people find what they’re looking for–Google’s #1 mission–but it could increase overall searches–Google’s #2 mission. They seem to show up under relatively basic searches: cancer, pain, etc.

My guess is that eventually Google will use this as a way to circumvent some of the less than ethical tactics of the SEO industry. They already do this when you search for musicians or music. You’ll start to see links to the Wikipedia entry, government related website, forums, news articles and so forth. Like someone recently pointed out, Google searches are quickly replacing http://www. in users browsers. Instead they’re just searching ‘facebook’ or ‘myspace’ and proceeding from there. Google is pre-empting irrelevancy by providing means to induce more exploration (and in turn more ads) These refined results are the internet equivalent of “Carl’s Jr. Next Exit” signs. They detour you from your intended destination, politely and pocket a few cents each time. I like it–especially as a shareholder.

What other searches are you guys finding these suggestions for? I’m curious.

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