My 2015 Writing Roundup

I thought I would do a roundup of everything I’ve written and published (other than here) since my last one in July. If you missed any of these, definitely follow me on Twitter, where I post each article when it goes live. Hope you enjoy these articles and feel free to share them.

More to come in 2016!


‘Go Straight To The Seat Of Intelligence–Your Own, The World’s, Your Neighbors’

Human Being, Not Human Doing

A Controversial ‘Spiritual’ Exercise That Guarantees You’ll Have A Good Day

Why Do You Write So Much?

Stop Working For Free! Time Is Running Out

32 Little Rules I Follow To Live A Life That Feels Good Every Day

From Someone Who Travels A Lot: 42 Things I Wish Everyone Knew About Stress And Being Rude While Flying

What Are You Working Towards? Because You Better Know.

How To Buy A House Before You’re 30

Share This If You Don’t Drink And Are Sick Of People Asking Why

Holding On To Toxic Friends Isn’t Harmless: Why It’s Time For A Friend Purge

42 Books That Will Make You A Better Person, Described In One Sentence

21 Stoic Life Hacks For #Stoicweek

The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings

Epiphanies Don’t Exist, Here’s How You Can Actually Change Your Life In A Moment

Here Is Everything I Learned From Reading In 2015

This Is All There Is (And It’s More Than Enough)

Why You Should Be Talking About Work All Holiday Season

No, Don’t Do It Later. Do It Now — The Case Against Procrastination.

3 Books (Ok, More Than 3) You Absolutely Must Read This Year



Julien Blanc, ‘Most Hated Man In The World,’ Shares His Surprising Side Of The Story

The Performance Bias: Life Is Not a Movie, Life Is Not a Novel

Meet the Woman Behind ‘the Most Hated Man in the World’

Texas Forever: How I Found the American Dream in the Lone Star State

The Real Reason We Need to Stop Trying to Protect Everyone’s Feelings

EXCLUSIVE: Author of New Zealand’s First Banned Book in 22 Years Speaks Out

Meet the Genius Whose Chrome Extension Bans All Kardashian Content From Your Computer

The Quiet Co-Founder of the Media Juggernaut No One Writes About

These Parents Lost a Son in the Aurora Shooting. They Want the Media to Change. Now.

What Everyone Gets Wrong About Stoicism Is Exactly Why You Need It

#StoicWeek: 10 Strategies for Turning Obstacles Into Opportunities

This Restaurant Made Fools of Hipsters Everywhere (Or Did They?)

The Best Book About Addiction You’ve Never Heard of Is Back in Print After 50 Years

People Keep Stealing This Photo of My Dog…And She’s Very Upset About It

Here’s the Strategy Elite Athletes Follow to Perform at the Highest Level


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