ViolentAcres Makes the World a Worse Place

October 17, 2007 — 142 Comments

Apparently I made Violent Acres really, really mad. Upset enough it seems, that she dedicated a second post to how wrong I am in thinking that actively causing traffic is stupid.

But if you want to read about me, don’t bother reading what she wrote. It’s not even about me. I’m just a proxy. She really hates Tucker Max.

Which is really funny because she can’t keep his name out of her mouth. It’s the fourth time this year she’s written about him. She obviously trolls the messageboard (and posts occasionally) and eagerly gobbles the latest news, then she pisses and moans about it, or gossips about how much actual Rudius authors get paid, and is probably one of the two people who constantly vandalize his Wikipedia page.

But if I recall, this whole thing started over my post about driving. I think cars should travel with the flow of traffic and generally allow for people going the speed limit to pass unencumbered. Is that even a debate? Should we really concern ourselves with people who say things like this:

Some fuck started tailgating me anyway and for reasons unbeknownst to me; he refused to pass me in the slow lane. So, I reduced my speed. I picked up my cell phone and dialed my friend’s phone number. “I’m going to be late,” I calmly told her, “I’m about to get into a traffic accident.” Then I turned off my phone and slammed on my brakes.

I wonder if this was before or after she decided to go homeless to pay off her credit card debts? Or if it’s in the same fantasy world where she’s not fat and bitter and making up stories is OK? This has got to be a joke. I said she was laughable before, and that was before I knew she was so sad and desperate for attention that she’d actually hurt people to get it.

While we’re at it, let’s look at her record: Hollie Toner. One of her readers was nice enough to send me her traffic history and another sent me her IP address, which all just happen to corroborate the traffic logs with the people she’s fought with (screenshot here and look in the comments for more). If you didn’t catch that, Violent Acres is written by Hollie Toner (more evidence here and here.) And Hollie Toner–the excellent driver–can’t figure out how to yield properly. Of course, there could have been a wild teenager nearby and it caused her bitter little hand to slip off the wheel.

Hollie, I realize why I made you so upset:

You’re one of those people. You hate your life and figured, “If I’m going to be a loser, I might as well make a scene doing it.” So you cause car accidents and bitch about sites with New York Times Bestselling authors and writers whose material people actually care about. Instead of being content to offer nothing to the world, you decided you ought to take from it.

And then of course, there is your obsession with Tucker. We get it. You think you’re better than him but you’d still die for his attention. So you hate us both for it. I’ve got to tell you Hollie, if 2007 made you mad, just wait until 2008. You are going to be pissed. Looks like you’ve got a few more car accidents to look forward to.

Update: It’s on Digg if you want to vote for it.

Ryan Holiday

I'm a strategist for bestselling authors and billion dollar brands like American Apparel, Tucker Max and Robert Greene. My work has been used as case studies by Twitter, YouTube and Google and has been written about in AdAge, the New York Times, Gawker and Fast Company.

142 responses to ViolentAcres Makes the World a Worse Place

  1. Excellent. I can’t wait for her next incoherent rebuttal.

  2. Nice writing.

  3. This is fun. I’ve never seen VA lose an internet war before, but she’s never had to deal with TRAFfIC RECORDS before. Way to pull out the big guns Ryan.

  4. Wholley moley.

    What that information I found Hollie and her husband Patricks home and it’s value $80.000 even for Ohio that a cheap low class home. Wait she’s loaded remember…LOL

    I think she messed wit the wrong person. Go Ryan!!

  5. Holly kind of reminds me of what Robert Greene wrote about George W. Bush and Michael Moore in his latest blog post. Instead of holding a tenable position, all ViolentAcres does is bitch and strike at those who actually do have something.

  6. I am a regular reader and fan of ViolentAcres. I never even knew your blog existed until she pointed it out. But I must I’m disappointed by her recent posts. At least your rebuttal here is rational and thought-out, not an emotional egotistical filled load of horse shit. Thanks for posting her identity as well–I’ve always found it strange how she hides behind her screen and doesn’t accept comments.

  7. I’m a fan of VA, and this is a great post, lol! But the link to the record is dead.

  8. The link to the traffic is dead, please fix it.

  9. Awesome…just awesome!

  10. We are crashing their server. It is up and down intermittently. I am posting a screenshot.

  11. Oh man, someone just sent me her IP address. You don’t have many friends do you Hollie?

  12. Tucker has a full TWO people who are vandalizing his wikipedia page?

    He’s a bigger deal than I thought.

  13. Fucking right I’ll vote for it on Digg, that pig deserves whatever is coming to her.

  14. how do you know that is her? couldn’t any record be pulled and pointed to as being hers?

  15. Furthermore – I called her out months ago ( as living in Kent Ohio – you got your girl – great job.

  16. Wow.. Its sad that she keeps blogging about Tucker and you. She has to hate her life, it explains the bitterness

  17. Uhhhhmmmm … wait. Somebody on the Internetz told me that V was Hollie Toner and now it must be?

    Sheesh. Talk about unsubstantiated claims, eh?

  18. Because it’s being confirmed all over–privately and publicly.

  19. Violet Acres must be a top notch blogger, only those who want to be taken seriously would disable comments so that they don’t have to face the criticism of faceless web users.

    We salute you, Hollie Toner. Maybe one day Salon will give you a copy editing job.

  20. Ryan, that doesn’t really mean anything.

  21. Ha. Amazing. V always has the odd jibe at people without putting any real effort into it, and I highly doubt she loses sleep over it and you go into so much detail without a hint of sarcasm and so much bitternes.

    I’m surprised at the comments though. There’s nothing rational about your post, and going so low as naming an anonymous blogger and revealing traffic records (not to mention they’re irellevant) is very childish and spiteful. You could at least come back with the same quality of good-natured humour, rather than making yourself look like an insecure, vindictive pre-pubescent teenager.

    And as for the quoted car accident, if she really did do that (and she openly admits that not all she writes about is true), then fair play to her, because I’ve been so close to doing it so many time but in the end I haven’t got the balls.

  22. Ha. Amazing. V always has the odd jibe at people without putting any real effort into it, and I highly doubt she loses sleep over it and you go into so much detail without a hint of sarcasm and so much bitternes.

    I’m surprised at the comments though. There’s nothing rational about your post, and going so low as naming an anonymous blogger and revealing traffic records (not to mention they’re irellevant) is very childish and spiteful. You could at least come back with the same quality of good-natured humour, rather than making yourself look like an insecure, vindictive pre-pubescent teenager.

    And as for the quoted car accident, if she really did do that (and she openly admits that not all she writes about is true), then fair play to her, because I’ve been so close to doing it so many time but in the end I haven’t got the balls.

  23. V doesn’t disable comments, they are just on a separate site, ( and she references them all the time. Reading your posts about her is really just childish and sad. At least her posts are entertaining.

  24. Anonymous, you’re pissed that he named an Anonymous blogger who attacks children and other bloggers? You’ve got to fucking kidding me.

    V.A is someone who spins her stories a little… she’s a down right liar. Her address on Wall street is a house worth $80,000 what about all the TONS of money she and her husband make?

    That’s the value of both of the cars I own, my house is 7 times that amount but I don’t claim I’m rich. Maybe in third world countries she’s loaded but in this country she’s not.

    This isn’t about my net worth, this is about a woman who made money off of the pain of others..and that is NEVER right.

  25. I just wanted to add this—-my son in college has a newer car than hers and he paid cash for it!

    It’s all coming very clear isn’t it.

    (from the court record)


    Year 1999 Color

    Vehicle Tag # L398751 Veh Tag State OH

  26. I had no idea what Violent Acres was until today, but it’s always entertaining to see someone (especially someone like this) outed. There’s no honor in saying “outrageous” things in anonymity unless your hiding from the gestapo.

    I think she has a point about the grand statements (Tucker does this too: “Trust me, this is going to be huge”) but just about every other criticism was weak.

  27. Ryan– Ignore this idiot. She/he/whatever is trying to boost her traffic by picking a fight. In the end, VA is a just another kook with no real ideas. Far beneath your level.

    A dustup can be beneficial, but the opponent has to be worthy.

    Yrs, a frequent lurker

  28. These records everyone is dredging up prove nothing about V’s financial situation, there is nothing shown so far that indicates V has lied.

    She has mentioned several times that she lives frugally, that she is into real estate, and that she moves quite a bit. V buys houses and lives in them for a while, making improvements to eventually sell the houses for a profit or rent them.

    V has also mentioned that she walks whenever possible, and always buys cars that are a few years older to get a decent deal.

    So far the records shown indicate that she has been telling the truth about these things. People that become wealthy often live well below their means, having as little debt as possible helps them to stay wealthy.

  29. Excellent work, man. I pity those that consider what she does worth even three seconds of their time. She’s a worthless low life, a sad, pathetic loser who has to bully her betters for attention. She’s a parasite, and all of us would be better off without her. Here’s hoping this sends her back under her rock.

  30. Dude, who cares how rich she is, she’s a bitch.

    To whoever said that this, “is very childish and spiteful.”

    That, my friend, is what you would consider everything VA has EVER said.

    Why people defend her is beyond me, how sad.

  31. Somebody find out where she works (does she work?)! I bet her boss would like to know what she’s been up to on the internet…

  32. I’ve been reading V’s bullshit for over a year, and just now found out she lives less than 20 minutes from me from her court records.

    Holy shit.

  33. Major snore.

    I can’t imagine something more boring than bloggers bitching about each other like someone out there cares. Wait, maybe it’s bloggers blogging about how bloggers bitch about each other.

    Again, major fuckin’ snore.

  34. i really dislike violent acres. and good lord, i live in kent, and ravenna is right in my backyard. though judging from some of the people who live around here, this makes a lot of sense…

  35. next step: If what she’s said on her site is true, she doesn’t “work” in the traditional sense. She makes her living in real estate, not as anyone’s employee.

    I’ve been reading Violent Acres for a while now, and while I don’t agree with her attitude or her opinions most of the time, it does make for some interesting reading. I find other blogs I enjoy (like this one) by following the links she posts, usually for the purpose of ridiculing their authors.

  36. Looks like it got buried on Digg–but it made the front page for all of 40 minutes.

    But dude, if you really live 20 miles from her I would up your insurance immediately.

  37. i have to agree with a few others that this feud is stupid. Honestly i think Ryan is a much better writer than VA and I’ve loved a few of his posts. But his biggest problem is that he occasionally posts inane shit like the original article she ridiculed. But this has gone on far too long.Just let it go dude who cares what some angry bitch out there somewhere thinks about you.

  38. Bravo Ryan. Karen and I had her IP awhile back but quickly got bored with her. You took it one step further and the results are pretty much what I thought they would be. She crossed the line when she messed with the kids and she’ll always be scum in my book. You’re my new blog crush.

  39. Ryan: Because it’s being confirmed all over–privately and publicly.

    Then if you are so sure post said proof.

    Until then, all you have done is hauled up somebody’s record and decided to call them “Violent Acres”. The old “I said so and I’m on the interwebz” argument.

    Doesn’t mean jack, sorry Ryan.

  40. Ryan, can you give more substantiation that you’ve uncovered her identity?

    Call me a skeptic, but following up the comments who question you with “Because it’s being confirmed all over–privately and publicly” isn’t justification enough for me.

    Put the cards on the table. If they’re “public” confirmations you should have no problem linking them, right?

  41. i went through some of your posts (quite a few actually) and have come to two simple conclusions:

    1)I don’t care where she lives, what her name is, or what her traffic record is. And yes, she is infantile, immature, and a little vindictive.

    2)Her stuff is interesting and funny, and makes me want to read more, and yours doesn’t.

    The end.

  42. personally, i love violent acres.

    a lot of the things she says has some insight to it. for example:

    * Getting pissed and mad at a slow driver isn’t going to help any. Instead just plan a little earlier so that slow drivers aren’t a problem.

    * If you life with someone who, for instance, doesn’t do the dishes. Getting mad at said person and then proceeding to scream and yell isn’t going to help any.

    * If someone is being an ass to you, so that they know that you don’t like that.

    and in the end i really like her because she has the decency to tell her readers that most of them wouldn’t like her in real life.

  43. The longer the IP address and the sources stay with me the less tainted they becomes (I just got my fourth, independent corroboration of the address.)

    It’s not even a debate that this is her identity at this point.

  44. How can you like someone who goes after someone’s KIDS, not just the person, they drag the innocent KIDS into it. Fuck her.

    “I hate to say it, but no matter what your personality, you’ve been done. This little includes me, too. I am fully aware that somewhere out there, someone has said everything that I’ve said…only better. I’ll never be original and neither will Ryan Holiday. So, Ryan Holiday should grab himself some Nietzsche and shut the fuck up already because he’s hardly revolutionary.”

    ^Yeah, If Ryan should shut up because he’s not original, and Violent Acres is also not original, shouldn’t she tell herself to shut the fuck up? She’s a fuckin’ moron.

  45. Her post today attempts to bury this whole issue and sweep it under the carpet. “Let’s have fun. Together.” (Translation: PAY NO ATTENTION TO THE MAN BEHIND THE CURTAIN.) NOT SO FUCKING FAST, ASSHOLE. I can’t wait until the lynch mob descends on her fat ass in Ohio.

  46. Wow, you’re a great writer! I love how you use vocabulary like “minutia” to spice up your work! It’s like being in 8th grade all over again! Super job, gold star! And if you’re going to try and insult one, why would you immediately call them fat? Image is one of those things that it’s IMPOSSIBLE to insult someone with if you don’t know what they look like! “Fat” isn’t synonymous with anything except fat. That means “having a lot of fat on one’s body”! And of course you had to automatically shift Violent Acres’ attack to Tucker Max. You were wrong in doing so. You can’t expect to just name drop him (So you cause car accidents and bitch about sites with New York Times Bestselling authors and writers whose material people actually care about…) and get credit for what he does. There’s a reason you’re NOT a New York Times bestselling author, and that reason is because you have shitty writing. I enjoy both Tucker Max and Violent Acres, but not you. Because you suck maybe?

    Oh, and before you accuse me of being a “fat and bitter” old man, I’ll set things straight. I’m 15. I write better than you, and I’m probably smarter than you. I guess that was a pretty cocky thing to say.

    I don’t really care though?


  47. If this were almost any other blogger you are outing, I would agree with the naysayers. But V attacks people for no good reason other than to generate traffic for herself and feed her bitterness and then hides like the fat coward that she is. She has egged people on for a while now, crossing the line by messing with children, and in my opinion, she has been asking for this very thing to happen since day one. That bitch deserves everything that she gets. And I hope she gets a lot. This is completely justified on your part.

  48. This is the ONLY house that is owned by her and her 50 year old husband Patrick it was purchased in 2005. They’re are NO other home records in Ohio for her or patrick before this place they lived in a duplex (rented). Also if you do a search on their names you can see when they got married and that he was married before with two children. Kind of interesting that this random Hollie woman would be married to a man with two children, not one, or three but two. No Ryan you’re right…she’s just doing some fast talking to get you all to back off. She’s scared.

  49. i’d like to see some pictures of her place and her. can the person that lives 20 minutes away drive over there?

  50. You guys are funny. Let’s go take pictures of her house! Maybe one of you will dare another one of you to step on her lawn. You sound like 6th graders plotting to egg someone’s house. Wow, I wish I could be grown up as you.

    And you’re the worst of them all, Ryan. You should be embarrassed by your actions. You yourself say “seriously, you can do whatever you want” but apparently it bugs the hell out of you when someone else does the same thing. And what happened to “The Best Revenge: To Not Be Like That”? You know, your posting about 11 days ago? The one where you said:

    “But more importantly, since I know that I purposely reveal very little about myself, most other people do it too. It’s better to be safe and treat people right, then the folly of underestimation.”

    It’s time to grow up buddy and practice what you preach. You can blog about your fantastic ideals all you want, but when the chips are on the table, it’s pretty clear what kind of person you really are.

  51. That is some gross display from you, Karen. Calling her a ”pig” now (and of course linking back to your own blog like the traffic-whore you are) but referencing, linking and agreeing with her on your own blog a month ago.

    V isn’t the only lying, self aggrandizing pig on the internet, not by a long shot.

  52. PROOF?

    Hold on, am I the only one who doesn’t see any definite link between Hollie Toner and V?

    You didn’t bother to post even screen shots of the IP address and the related traffic logs, you just basically said “I have the information” and then went off on a rant. Why couldn’t you even bother to at least prove your claim? What am I (the reader) supposed to do, suspend all disbelief and assume that your non-transparent journalism is indeed correct?

    Hell, at this point, I don’t even care if you’re right, I just can’t believe that your post is so mediocre that you can’t even post up evidence (just results).

  53. It seems to me that her response means he was onto something. And I’m sure it’s a big coincidence that a bunch of other sites all picked a person from the same town.

  54. Whoa, Chickenshit Acres is still around?

  55. Bob (not my real name) October 17, 2007 at 11:45 pm

    The internet, while still useful, has mostly become an entertainment source.

    True, false whatever read, or don’t read.

    I do find the blatant invasion of privacy to be somewhat disconcerting, however.

    If one chooses to be anonymous, in a forum to entertain, I believe we should respect that.

    We are not dodging bombs or curing cancer here….

  56. Who has more reason to lie? The person hiding something or the person who isn’t?

  57. Hmmm… I really don’t think you’ve found the right person. VA is over 30, but this Hollie was born in 79.

  58. I was always curious about her real name, so thanks for revealing it.

    Most unfortunately though, you haven’t told us anything worthwhile… unless of course someone would feel like stalking her.

    She did say that she was arrested, she did admit to having been a bully, she did admit to having attacked a teacher (labeling herself as a coward in the process).

    Shockingly enough (that’s sarcasm by the way), “V” does admit to having many faults.

    So she doesn’t allow comments, post a valid email address and provide her real name.

    That didn’t stop people from creating where her readers can post comments. Plus “V” admits to actually reading them.

    Compared to that, you who only get comments when “V” blogs about you and people come here to vent… You’ve still got the short end of the stick.

    The only thing you’ve acomplished, is that I now think of the webmistress as Hollie rather than V.

    In other words: it doesn’t change anything.

  59. Wow, I hope you’re enjoying the extra traffic this is getting you. Is this not the most popular your blog has been for, like, ever?

    V writes well, from the heart, and on interesting subjects. She doesn’t care what other people think of her writing and, if you wanted to come out of this the bigger man, rather than just keep the increased stats, nor would you.

  60. Ryan, as someone neutral to this debate (I only stumbled across it through digg) I can tell you that you are coming off worse here by far. Your evidence is no more than circumstantial, your angry lashing out is contrary to your own advice (as AJ pointed out above, you said “it’s better to be safe and treat people right” and yet here you are now trying to ‘out’ someone), and you are frantically trying to move the goalposts (“I think cars should travel with the flow of traffic and generally allow for people going the speed limit to pass unencumbered. Is that even a debate?” – No, it isn’t; what IS a debate is whether doing so is “the most evil act one can engage in”, as you originally claimed and as VA took issue with). Really, to those of us with no stakes in this fight, you seem like a teenager throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get his own way. Grow up, man.

  61. All you guys are sooooo bitter!!

    V writes for entertainment, and entertainment only. I’ve read a lot of her stuff, and she’s nasty, but it’s perfectly clear that non of it’s to be taken seriously. It’s comedy, and I’m pretty sure that’s all it was ever intended as.

    What’s written here, and what’s written in these comments is far from comedy. In fact a lot of it’s close to being highly illegal, you people are like the Ku Klux Klan!

    What I have never seen from V, but what I AM seeing here, is intent. Very real intent, to damage somebody for cracking a few jokes. I thought we were living in civilised times but it seems quite a few of you are still catching up. Take a look around, we don’t do public burnings anymore, the rest of us grew up.

    Lighten up people, it’s the Internet. Make a few nasty jibes, for sure, it’s part of the fun, but the line has well and truly been crossed here and I’d like nothing better than to see blogs like this shut down.

  62. seriously. someone needs to get over there and take some pictures. not just of her house but ring the bell, ask questions, then stalk stalk stalk! 😀

  63. I’ve read all the posts made by both bloggers during this retarded blogs war, and i must say VA is winning. All of Ryan’s posts are just stupid personnal attacks and assumptions on how bad VA’s life sucks, while V does bring up some facts and always answers to Ryan’s articles in a logical manner. Before you attack another blogger for saying one of your articles was incredibly retarded, just find something better than “zomg you are an idiot and ur life sux” to say…

  64. I just want to point one thing out about the $80,000 house. In a previous post, V (Or perhaps Holly) specifically mentioned she was living in a shitty house because she had to legally live there for several months in order to get a tax break when she rented it out. Props on winning this confrontation though. While I find some of her entries to be entertaining as hell, I think its just plain dumb when she picks fights with other bloggers. Even if she only gets a few new readers each time she does it, she has done it so many times that it probably adds up. And drivers that deliberately cause traffic jams (or accidents) are bad people.

  65. My, this is pathetic. I was reading the lastest post from Violent Arces and wanted to see what was being said. I am sorry I did.

    I am guessing most of you posting are adults and 6th grade children. Why does someone who disagrees with something you say or believe is automatically label as a bitch? The last time I checked, we still have a little something called the freedom of speech.

    As for her attacking kids; if you would take the time to get off your high horse and read the post carefully, you would notice her calling out the parents who are using their children for internet frame. Because posting embrassing photos and personal information about your child for the world to see does wonders for their mental health.

    But the saddest of all is the posting of her “private information”, whether they are real or not. Posting someone’s private information without their consent it’s wrong, plain and simple. And even if it is true, what exactly are you going to do with that information? Go to her house and bitch-smack her? Becuase if you’re not going to do that, than what’s the point of talking like you’ve discover some great treasure? Does finding out that she drives a crappier car than you make you sleep better at night? Or that her house cost “only” $80,000 make you giddy?

    In the end, I hope you can just accept a negative comment from someone who you will probably never meet or know and let it go.

    PS: Just in case someone wants to pull up my personal record, I am 26 and live in NY, hope that helps.

  66. You know, what bothers me and makes me rather uncomfortable, is that the odds are good that you are no more right about VA’s identity than anyone else who has assigned a name to her, but you and others are digging up information on Hollie Toner…if that ISN’T VA, then does she really deserve to have facts about her life flung about the internet? Even if she is VA, you are setting her up for identity theft and that isn’t cool for anyone, no matter how much you are pouting over what she said about you.

    I mean really, people. Use some common sense and decency in what you do in this great big ol’ mass of tubes.

  67. The funniest thing about all this is that I’ll bet if V and Ryan ever met each other in real life, without the barrier of the internet between them, they’d probably have a drink and make each other laugh.

    Am I the only one that finds them similar in many ways?

  68. V. is Hollie Toner. Her maiden name was Herr. Look her up, she has a string of traffic violations. She divorced her last husband Daniel a few years back. Notice she swaps names a bit on her blog “Daniel” v. “Derrick”. That’s a bit too much of a coincidence along with everything else.

  69. I’m sure glad I’m a nobody in the blogging world. This all seems like alot of work. Just sayin’.

  70. Everybody’s a censor – if you don’t like that T.V. show, turn it off. If you don’t like that book, don’t read it. If you don’t like what V writes, don’t visit her blog.

  71. I’ve read VA for almost as long as she’s been blogging and after reading the comments here I feel I should clarify a few things since most of you commenting are too lazy or stupid to bother reading her blog for yourselves…instead it seems like you opt out with reading her last three entries and labeling her blog to be comprised entirely of that shit.

    1. She never mocked the mommy bloggers kids. She mocked the mommy bloggers for exploiting their kids for traffic or other incentives.

    2. She posts about having to move all the time. She posts about buying cheap houses so she can turn a profit, sometimes she choses to live in these houses to lower rates, etc. so she can make more money on them in the long run.

    3. She posts about living frugally, this doesn’t mean she’s poor. Buying a used car so she doesn’t have to take it up the ass when it comes to insurance doesn’t make her poor either. It makes her smart.

    4. She posts about the fact that not all her posts are true, not all her posts are about her, sometimes she combines information to make something worth reading.

    5. She has the answers to WHY she posts anonymously, why she doesn’t have her e-mail address listed, and why she doesn’t allow comments on her FAQs.

    6. good job mocking someone who’s willing to go homeless to get out of debt all by herself. Let me guess, you just cry to mommy and daddy when you’re in a tight spot.

  72. everything you want to know about Hollie is on Digg, comment sixty whatevah.

    No doubt, it’s her. whoever lives close should pay her a visit.

  73. As to V needing the traffic, ten seconds on alexa will disabuse you of that:

    Ryan, no offense dude, but you’ve got a LONG way to go. It’ll be interesting to see your traffic grow, now that V’s traffic has been sent your way.

    You’ll benefit from this more than you know. Wish she’d dump on me sometime. Oh well.

    BTW, posting a link to a driving ticket isn’t worth diddly.

  74. You are so lame for pulling up a traffic record, what does that prove? That she’s human and makes mistakes??? (That makes you look REALLY immature).

    This originally started with her frustration of your post about slow drivers (by the way, I do a solid 60mph because I care about the environment and it also conserves). Then you responded to HER post angry. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that no one can YOU mad, you make YOURSELF mad? Control your emotions dude, all she did was respond to your post.

    Ooooohh we have a name behind the anonymous blogger…what exactly does this mean? Is this supposed to be a monumental moment in blogger history? Ok, so her name is Hollie. And the BFD is…?


    The only reason I’m even on this site is because she wrote about you…I’ve never seen any one of your pages pop up after a search. Keep that in mind…

    At least she didn’t stoop down to your level and post YOUR traffic (or criminal record) history…then, and truly and ONLY then, I would deem her as immature as I deem you.

    In the words of Hollie Toner: Grow the fuck up Ryan Holiday.

  75. “Please-her IP has been public for months. You want facts?

    Hollie Rae Toner 1/21/79 (check VA’s 1/25 entry that it was just her birthday)

    maiden name Hollie Rae Jaskula

    height 5′ weight 130 hair blond eyes blue

    Ravenna High School 97

    look her up on before she deletes it, her talent is ‘creative writing’

    Exhusband Daniel Herr, divorced 97

    Husband Patrick Toner, married 03

    No kids but husband is paying support for two kids, so there are the stepchildren she talks about.

    All this is online, public records, you just have to look.

    VA I mean Hollie has harassed people on the internet AND IN REAL LIFE for years. You remember her old site, Look it up in the Wayback Machine. She went by Who, because her nick name was Cindy Lu Who from the Grinch because she looked like her. Her address to that site was Drop her a line.

    She gets what she deserves. Anyone who thinks this is about HOW YOU DRIVE is a fucking moron. Its much bigger than that.”

  76. you people standing up for this psychotic bitch are out of your mind. who’s more of a loser than pathetic scumbag Hollie Toner? the people who think she’s anything more than a parasitic piece of shit.

    all of you need to grow up and get fucking lives.

  77. Well, I know if I wanted an “escape hatch” in the event I was ever caught lying about my financial situation, the “living frugally” argument would sure cover it. True or false, judging from her posts she’s a pretty sad person. Of course, I think that of many bloggers who like to say “not everything I write is true”. Is your real life just not that interesting?

  78. Hollie Toner’s Brother October 18, 2007 at 12:16 pm

    From her about page:

    I worked full-time as a childcare provider. Why people trusted me with their children, I’ll never know…

    # I am a lousy driver. You have all probably cussed me out at some point in your pitiful, little lives.

    # I have a younger brother whom I adore.

    # The rest of my family consists of social rejects and the Dregs of Society. Although she lives less than ten minutes from me, I have not seen my degenerate mother in nine years.

    Nice life, bitch.

  79. Exactly, Zeno- I think it’s been covered that she lives in her own investment houses- and regardless, the people who become rich do so because they are frugal. Cripes, I knew a man with $55 mil in his checking account who drove an ancient Gremlin…and he wouldn’t be the first.

  80. Payback’s a bitch October 18, 2007 at 12:24 pm

    I only wish I could be around when future employers, family and friends google “Hollie Toner” and come up with all her personal info and links to her site(s).

    The internet is a beautiful place. You put evil, nasty shit out there and it all comes back to you.

  81. I’m not sure if you care, but with the folks going on about stalking this Toner woman (whether or not she’s VA) you may be legally liable for inciment should they do something stupid. Just food for thought.

  82. They’re not worried about incitement. Much more important to give Ryan props for his machismo!

  83. Person who claims to have Hollie’s photo: Post it! I want to see how fat she is. There’s no way she isn’t obscenely obese.

    Thanks for outing her, Ryan. I find this whole thing hilarious, especially the people who are so indignant about “not caring” what VA’s name is.

  84. “I have her photo if anyone’s interested.”

    Which of the several that came up when you googled?


  85. oh Ryan. you need a life. don’t be jealous that her writing is more witty, insightful, and mature than your cliche spouting. how old are you?

  86. Someone up there wrote, “She never mocked the mommy bloggers kids. She mocked the mommy bloggers for exploiting their kids for traffic or other incentives.”

    Flat out bullshit. She posted photos of the kids and mocked them for the way they look. What kind of a sociopathic asshat would stoop that low? You can claim all day long that she was addressing her mockery toward the mommybloggers, but what does it say about a person if she’s willing to steal pics of someone else’s kids and makes fun of them while she hides behind her little veil of secrecy?

  87. Uh, what kind of parents would post pics of their kids somewhere public? And not just anywhere public, but a public website for which they’re actively seeking traffic and revenue? Talk about asshats! You want to whine about somebody stealing the kids’ pics and photoshopping them? Who put those pics out there in the first place? And who’ll get the blame when some nutcase hurts one of those kids whose parents put them on display for anyone with a computer to see? The asshats who posted their own children’s photos on public websites to make money off them? Or the blogger who made the point they and you can’t seem to grasp?

  88. You know, if nothing else, Internet slap-fights definitely bring out the stupid in people.

    And it’s hilarious.

    Without question, however, the most hilarious part of this whole dust up has to be the fact that photoshopping a publicly available photo is wrong. Tasteless or no, there are no backsies on the Internet. Please, all of you, educate me on how you make something you voluntarily publicized private again. I’d love to know.

  89. >> Apparently I made Violent Acres really, really mad.

    Um, not trying to be obvious but you guys seem to be just a tad more fired up than she is 😛

  90. My review of the comments so far…

    Of those supporting V, I have seen rational, well structured arguments outlining key facts and discussing them maturely.

    Of those supporting Ryan, I have seen childish insults (she’s fat, poor, a bitch, she sucks because she got a traffic violation once, or because she was an abused child and has had a crap life, etc, etc, etc…), with no evidence supporting ANYTHING that is of any real relevance.

    Seriously, the moment anyone can provide ANY rational argument (intelligent discussion only, please) that she is MORE of a bitch than Ryan Holiday is the moment I will start listening to it.


    Ryan – 0

    V – 1

    I would also conclude that V’s readership is significantly more intelligent based on the evidence provided within this very page.

    Ha. Carry on.

  91. Hate to tell you trollbaby, but your buddy in Kent? That’s Leah Petrakis. Leah Petrakis = Heaven Nose.

  92. I think “outing” someone is one of the more cowardly things someone can do on the Internet. If you don’t like someone, ignore them. If someone physically threatens you, call the police.

    People who trash others online get their kicks and fake sense of power from other people’s reactions. Ignore someone and he/she/it will go away.

    The world would be a better place if all of us spent LESS time online.

  93. I have to say, V is probably reading all of this and laughing her ass off. And when did calling someone a fat bitch become the ultimate insult? How about mixing it up and calling her a whore or slut, just to keep it interesting. And what’s wrong with “her little veil of secrecy”? I doubt you go online and announcing your name, address and phone number to every website or chatroom you visit. So maybe writing isn’t a lost art, thinking about talking and/or writing is.

  94. Guys, someone actually went to the house and took pictures of it and posted them at VAtalk.

    Seriously, I think this is going too far. Calm down.

  95. How utterly controversial! Seriously? You sent a bunch of possibly unstable internet blog junkies after someone who may, or may not, be a writer that, justifiably, disagreed with your statement that driving slow is the most evil thing one can do, and you think this is something to be proud of? This comment will probably get lost in the torrent of crappy notes left here, but I have to say, this is probably the most hypocritical, self-indulging, shamelessly self promoting, piece of shit pr marketing stunt I’ve seen in the past three days. Oh, and unoriginal.

    To those of you who think that VA is a ungodly monster for mocking children and photoshopping their pictures, how did you feel when what’s his fuck hung that baby out the window for the paparazzi? Also, how many sexual predators have we been warned are trolling the internet right now staring intently at people’s children? Do you think she had a point to bringing up this kind of self aggrandizing and blatantly dangerous exploitation of those children, or did you just stop at the picture of the kid holding poo? (Which was *hilarious*, by the way).

    And as for her anonymity, fuck it. Out her for disagreeing! Lets find her, and… look at her intently! I knew the name and address of every fuckwad in my highschool, every pissant shit talker that stoked the ire of everyone they came in contact with. Didn’t stop them one iota that I knew who they were. Hell I’d stay anonymous just to avoid the eventual spam from spiderbots crawling the web eating anything with an ‘@’ symbol. And as for the no comments, well, I’m thinking about writing another page and a half here just to take up space. God knows I’m not writing anything useful, just bullshit to take up time while I’m at work. Ho Hum.

    I got here by a link on VA’s site, I’d look around but now I’m bored after reading all the comments and writing my on crappy addendum to an even crappier “web event.”

  96. this is the most entertaining cyber event i have read about in a long time.

  97. I only came to this site (from Violent Acres) because I was hoping for a chance to get V’s email address and compliment her on a few of my favorite posts from her site. I clicked all the evidence links provided and don’t see anything to relate that name in a parking ticket to ‘V’ from violent acres. I’m a little disappointed that this is a hoax, but I guess that is to be expected.

  98. You’re an idiot. A real, genuine, fucking moron. And everyone who thought this was a well thought out “dig” at V is possibly worse. Seriously guys, why encourage this behavior? It wasn’t even entertaining! I read your posts and fell asleep, you flat out sound like a 15 year old boy. Or Clay Aiken. Hey look I’ve discovered your real identity! OMG!

    Calling someone out for not having comments on their site just made me decide to leave you one, so, way to be a big brave boy. Your site is ego vomit.

  99. I kinda think you’re missing the point V’s trying to make here, Ryan. See, the thing is, V. is funny. Sure, she’s a bitch, and her writing style is simplistic as all hell, but she’s really funny (albeit in a spiteful, malicious way. But hey, I kinda like that.) You, on the other hand, are not funny. Nor can you write very well.

    V. 1

    Ryan 0.

    Keep trying, though, slugger!

  100. I think there’s a good chance you got fed disinformation, young man.

    So you’re Boy Wonder? You’re here to deliver the truth to those that Get It? You’re finding powerful parables for life in LA traffic? Maybe you’ll soon discover that it’s best not to presume the intentions of others.

    The proof is in the pudding. Let’s see some results if you’re Boy Wonder.

  101. she isn’t funny today, in fact, i’m disappointed. stealing kid’s pics and photoshopping them that way is funny – to a 7 year old maybe.

    what an ass. and who the hell is jada?

  102. As irrational as VA’s posts lately have been, I think drudging this kind of personal information about someone petty.

    She obviously has no problem with it, she’s linked to it on her site. I’ve been reading her blog posts since 2001 and in casually doing so managed to figure all this out years ago. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read between the lines.

    Still, what you’ve done is a pathetic example of wanting to hurt others who take a swipe at you. Grow up and learn to take it like a man.

  103. LaughingAtIrony October 23, 2007 at 9:17 am

    For some bitch who has posted soooo much about mothers and about women being overweight and ESPECIALLY about women putting on the pounds after having a baby its rather funny to see this barren heffer is 30 pounds overweight herself!!!!

    The way she trashed others I had always assumed she was built like a super model living the great life. LOL, of the games played over the internet …

  104. Oh Ryan, you are such a douchebag. “Oh no, somebody criticized me on the internet! I’d better do something about it so people don’t think I’m a big pussy!”

    Grow up. (And learn how to write!)

  105. Hmm, just to add my five cents… Articles of VioAcres are fresh, interesting and complete; while their author demonstrates logic and maturity. Got here by the link from VA – well, the very first thing I have seen here – about driving – explains everything. You said something about her hating herself? You dont think twice – you hate others. Who drive slow, who write stupid, who isnt nice to you… Good for the rest of us, people like you are usually weak concerning their will and standings so no real harm here. And it is simpler to disable comments rather than to flush up the shit that lots of different ppl would happily bring in – there is a special kind of bloggers-commenters whos shitting drive is comparable to sexual.

  106. what’s in a name October 29, 2007 at 9:15 pm

    I did research a while back on he and I just turned up the name of Peggy Gurney, aka Margaret Gurney. Somewhere along the way I think her last name was Meadows. She lives near Ravenna and goes by OhioSweetheart and fancies herself a vBulletin expert and a web designer. Anyway, she’s really fat if that makes anyone feel better (since I confronted her, she’s removed all the pictures of herself from the internet). Her Violent Acres identity is fiction. She built up her traffic by writing smack about the more popular bloggers and now she just makes stuff up. People are taking her way too seriously. She just writes whatever outrageous thing she can come up with to make advertising money. Besides, I read a bit about Pat Toner on all those stupid movie review forums and it sounds like a woman. People refered to her as a woman and yeah it’s the same Pat Toner.

  107. what’s in a name October 29, 2007 at 9:17 pm

    I did research a while back on he and I just turned up the name of Peggy Gurney, aka Margaret Gurney. Somewhere along the way I think her last name was Meadows. She lives near Ravenna and goes by OhioSweetheart and fancies herself a vBulletin expert and a web designer. Anyway, she’s really fat if that makes anyone feel better (since I confronted her, she’s removed all the pictures of herself from the internet). Her Violent Acres identity is fiction. She built up her traffic by writing smack about the more popular bloggers and now she just makes stuff up. People are taking her way too seriously. She just writes whatever outrageous thing she can come up with to make advertising money. Besides, I read a bit about Pat Toner on all those stupid movie review forums and it sounds like a woman. People refered to her as a woman and yeah it’s the same Pat Toner.

  108. what’s in a name: It isn’t Peggy Gurney and Mr. Toner is indeed, *Mr* Toner.

  109. That traffic ticket says nothing. If she truly stopped in front of someone who was tailgaiting her, the ticket would have been written to the offending party who rear ended her. At least that’s how it goes where I am from. If you rear end someone here it is automatically your fault unless you have witnesses who can attest to the fact that it was the other persons fault. A failure to yield ticket has nothing to do with the accident she described. I have a child and I personally love VA because she makes no bones about what she thinks. If she makes money from my presence, so be it. She gives me a few minutes of entertainment in exchange!

  110. This is very interesting.


    This guy has VA as the same woman who raised cash and merchandise through the Pygmalian’s Wife blog – another creative writing exercise, this one involving a much put-upon woman abused at the hands of her would-be real estate-flipping husband and gamely trying to care for a few kids one of whom was sick. Supporting cast included a minister’s wife, someone called Chicken Lady (possibly the husband’s lover or something) and a few doctors and dentists.

    Don’t know how this lines up with Ms. Toner, but it’s interesting.

  112. Acutually I think VA is pretty cool, most of what she says is true. So if she goes off bashing and flaming mommyblogger,{Which can burn in hell},

    And happens to KNOW what shes talking about Stop talking shit and do something…..If you can DO anything{F-U AND STFU RYAN FAGIDAY

  113. va is a bitch. more likely than not, she’s a terrible person. though i have laughed at the occasional post she’s made, i think she’s a cunt and i’ve stopped reading her blog because it pisses me off too frequently.

    you’re posting personal information [true or not] about someone else on the internet. that is wrong. [as a side note, it’s even wrong if it’s your kid.]

    frankly, you’re not any better than she is.

  114. Haha…I love it when stupid bloggers post on how bad V is…I love her personally…FUCK those who take them too serious to laugh (namely you and a ton of your readers.)

  115. Okay. So her name is Hollie.

    … so? I still like her. You haven’t changed a thing. “Oh, we know her name! Therefore, she is not worth reading anymore! FOR SHAME!” Seriously, wtf? I still love VA, and I’m still going to keep reading, because she rules. She’s intelligent and witty and she’s got BALLS. (Figuratively.)

    V (Hollie) kicks copious amounts of ass. No one else even comes close.

  116. Curious, but VA says she is in her 30s, while Hollie’s birthdate of 1979 would make her 29. Although you have the right geographic location (verified from other information I know of), I’m just not convinced this random person is VA. If you try to search for court records, it requires a name, case number, or company name. How did you come upon this name or case to begin with? This appears to be a magic trick, where any random person who plausibly fits the profile is presented as the suspect. Folks, I believe what you are witnessing is similar to a WWF/WWE match. Remember when Andy Kaufmann in Man in the Moon staged a fake dispute with a wrestler? VA and Ryan probably already know each other and just stir up trouble in order to draw a crowd. BTW, I think Ryan Holiday is Tucker Max:

  117. inspectordetector May 19, 2008 at 8:05 am

    What’s wrong with you people who would post someone’s private information on the internet?



    It’s public information and hard to miss the television crews that she invites to her home.

  118. I read the whole comment thread, this is like watching a train wreck. Are you people for real? I don’t give a crap if her real name is Bob and she’s my 65 year old neighbor. I don’t give a crap if she makes stuff up. This is irrelevant. What’s relevant is that she’s a good writer. You want traffic? try being one too.

    I cannot believe the shit that went down here. seriously *shrugs*

  119. someone she attacked July 26, 2008 at 11:10 pm

    Thank you for doing this.

  120. Ugh. How petty and vindictive.

    Violent Acres can irritate, sure. But her writing has impact, even if (I admit it) she can make me sorta sick. There’s some great posts there, some nutter posts, and some ghastly ones. But it’s better than reading the microwaved celery that is most other blogs.

  121. This is so pathetic it’s almost humorous. You can almost hear Ryan crying, but it’s unclear whether he’s upset by criticism itself or the fact said criticism had funnier, more provocative and livelier writing than this loser has ever produced on his cheesy site.

    As somebody said, I don’t care what V’s real name, gender, shoe size or tattoo on left buttcheek is – she’s a cool blogger and this little faggot is not.

  122. Yes. We all know she sucks and her writing sucks. But it’s her life. No need to go around internet stalking her.

  123. Yeah, looking back on this shit, it’s pretty clear V came out better off.

  124. What? Looking back on this, Ryan obviously came out better. You must be retarded to think something like that.

  125. My Holiday. You write an incredibly humourless blog. I see no reason for anyone to care at all about reading it. You read like a very young child of the “self help” generation. A third rate machiaelli knock off. You’re life will be a failure in the most unintersting of ways ie : You’ll try too hard and trip over your own mediocrity. You’ve all the ambition without any of the skills. You were the first to line up for teams on the playround , but the last picked.

    Violentacres on the other hand is a serously amusing , insightful blogger with some really necessary and poignant rhetoric. Not only that…it’s FUN to read her site. Don’t take yourself too seriously Ryan…nbody else does.

  126. The bottomline is her blog is entertaining whereas yours is just linked up with tucker.

  127. Dear god. I hate you. She’s a wonderful writer, always interesting. But you are just a whiny little brat. I’m probably half your age, and I act more mature then you. Grow the fuck up, asshole. You had no right to post private information on her on the internet. And those who sent it? Perhaps we’ll make it happen to you.

    • That’s the only fucking response you can come up with?
      She’s probably in her teens, asshole. She just said all that fucking reasonable shit and you can’t say anything reasonable back because you know she’s right.

  128. Oh, you poor, poor child. I am but a minor and I found her identity through only two or three clicks of my mouse in less than half an hour. Really, it isn’t hard. I could email her if I wanted, and tell her how amazing I am for doing that so easily while every other attention whore groped for attention. Groped into the cold, dark void of space, feeling desperately for someone to notice their amazing feat. Young child. Twenty Minutes. Internet. I realize I have more information to work with than you could ever know. And you think you’ve done a great deed, an astonishing accomplishment. You’re so great. You deserve a medal. If the moderator is going to delete this I AT LEAST can ask to let a few more people read this, just for the lulz. Or at least meditate on it, if you’re even able to do that. [I understand the need to weed out bots, which is what I assume the box underneath this one is for, but really? Your name?]

  129. In all fairness, Ryan, you didn’t write that actively causing traffic is “stupid” — you wrote that driving too slowly is “the most evil act one can engage in”. Frankly, when I read shit like that, I envy the author. That’s right, I envy you, Ryan. If being stuck behind a slow driver is the evilest thing that’s every happened to you, then I’d say you’ve truly led a charmed life. I just wish you’d realize that your “most evil” characterization has no relevance to reality for most people. You deserved to get called on that comment.

  130. Shes such a self righteious bitch with a “damamged” childhood. anyone who types stuff on a computer can be a badass

    yeah im being hypocritical but so is she

  131. Person who isn’t as spiteful as you December 21, 2010 at 2:56 am

    dude, say wany you want, but her writing is pretty damn interesting. sure she can be a genocidal bitch(figuratively) but she keeps your attention. Oh and you sir, are a hateful, spiteful bitch(i think you are a man, but your writing suggests otherwise) please, refrain from being a total douchebag in the future, and maybe your own fucked up life won’t seem so terrible.
    with all due respect, which is none,

  132. I found this site through reading VA.
    Found VA through reading Disk Masterson

    Disappointed that she would pay any attention to this site, but her commentary on it is just about entertaining enough to make up for the low quality of subject matter

    How can you crazy people cry “The KIDS!! The KIDS!!”
    Seriously, VA offers some of the most relevant and stimulating anecdotes about the realities of child-rearing in this age, I think most people would be hard-pressed to call her a “threat” to children haha. I dunno, thats just my opinion. If you take her childish humor too seriously, you’re bound to miss the deeper messages in her writing – yes there are valuable messages in her writing if you can just take a minute to read between the lines.

    I appreciate VA because she has a voice that speaks for people like me. She says the things Im too polite or liberal to say. Even better than that, she’s a learner, willing to self-analyze and reflect, while also observing the world around her. Meaning.. Im sure if you approached her with a complaint in a calm yet assertive way, and make valid points, she’d listen. Thats just the kind of person she comes off as to me.

    I haven’t read this site yet so I have no real commentary on Ryan, except for the fact I think its lame to reveal a strangers identity. There are a lot of reasons to keep one’s identity anonymous. I think its particularly admirable for a writer to aid in preventing readers from being distracted – by pre-conceived notions (about race, gender, age). That way, your interpretation of the writing isn’t swayed by something irrelevant; you can just focus on the subject matter instead of the author (obviously none of you like doing that). But more importantly, keeping your identity secret in such a public place as the internet is an easy way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. Its perfectly logical. If more people would take such precautions, we wouldn’t always be having to fight censorship to protect their safety for them.

    I wish I could express my thoughts more succinctly. Oh well, hope some of you read this. VA is fun and interesting to read. Dont get so worked up. She might be spreading a little hate, but at least she’s typically spreading it in a reasonable direction (towards lazy and brain-dead people) If you’re not in those categories, then, you shouldn’t be offended by her writing, so relax! 🙂

    Im glad she doesn’t have open comments, because I’d probably end up spending hours reading and responding to them than actually reading her blog (like I am right now with this one…)

    Ok gunna go read this ish now. Perhaps I’ll come back and offer a review.

  133. Ugh.
    Yeah, I know this is super old and doesn’t even matter anymore. But fuck, I thought, why not? People are still trolling this piece of shit anyway, so why not someone who has something to say? I support V and I agree with what she had saying… and I’ve reviewed the facts and I know what I’m talking about and blah blah blah…

    You sound like a fucking baby. Get over yourself. You’re probably going to read this comment and get ‘really really mad’ the way V did because you know we’re both right. A lot of times, peoples’ reactions to people who are RIGHT is to just laugh and make up excuses and laugh some more and blow steam up your reader’s asses just to seem like the dominant one because you think they’re too fucking stupid to read V’s side.

    And no, she didn’t make a post dedicated to “how wrong I am in thinking that actively causing traffic is stupid”
    Alright, fine. Some people drive stupid. Get the fuck over it.
    You don’t need to post a whiny little blog talking about how much you hate traffic. Everyone fucking hates traffic. You sound like a melodramatic teenage girl whining about how much her life sucks saying everyone’s out to get her.

    …Seriously… “obsession with Tucker”?
    Grow. The fuck. Up.
    I don’t even have to say anymore. So you little assholes just reading his side and not even bothering to read V’s blog aren’t making a contribution to anything. You’re just nodding your fucking head at the last post and everything he said like the little fucking sheep you are.

  134. Have you written any arguments that DON’T resort to posting personal information of your opponent in order to “win”?

    Very clever, though. I’d bet these comments are moderated before posting? Lol.

  135. I’ve only read two of her articles in full, and from what I’ve found, is yeah some of her shit is a bit out there and very opinionated, but fucking duh. It’s an opinion blog, she’s writing what she wants to fucking write about. The reason she gave a rebuttal in regards you, was because you commented sardonically on her writing, asshole. If you have ever had experience with a women, you would have realized that no woman takes criticism lightly. But enough about her, let’s get to you. Seriously, you seem like a huge asshole. Excluding this, no I have had not read anything else you’ve written, actually I haven’t cared enough to figure out what the title of this site actually is, besides the fact that you have an over-edited, generic pose, of ‘anonymity’, with a very artistic angle of lighting- that I haven’t seen in almost every teenage hipster’s ‘art is life’ album on Facebook, I do not care about you, and will probably not ever visit this site ever again, along with most every person who spends more than two minutes on here. But seriously, grow the fuck up, and write about something interesting that isn’t attacking someone who really doesn’t give a shit about you, because you just want attention.

    So I really hope you read this, because I like calling people out on their bullshit, I don’t get to do it often without getting reprimanded, this is nice. Thanks

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